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Jaaxy Review

Name: Jaaxy

Website: www.jaaxy.com

Building an online business can be a very lucrative choice.

If your dream is to live a passive income with an online business you have come to right website. As I’ve mentioned before, affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online. The best way to earn revenue through affiliate marketing is through targeting high traffic, low competition keywords that make grammatical sense.

The process of keyword research can be rewarding. With the correct tools to look behind the scenes of a niche market you can see the vast potential associated within any given keyword search.

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Before Jaaxy the keyword research process was ridiculously manual. Although keywords could be found, the time it would take to find them was much longer. Many keyword tools that did exist were less than stellar.

What is the best free keyword research tool – Jaaxy, not even questionable.

Without a doubt, Jaaxy. But, before we explore the power in Jaaxy, lets look at what doesn’t make sense.

Keyword Tools That Don’t Make Sense

Before Jaaxy, many keyword research tools required that you make sense of a lot of different data, metrics, and numbers.  The only issue I have with these keyword tools is that there really is no value that comes from the numbers. In other words, the information on these sites was completely useless.

These are just a few of the items that would determine highly inefficient keyword research tools. It really doesn’t take long to realize that these companies are incapable of providing relevant data.

Here are a few metrics to avoid:

Software That Needs To Be InstalledPPC Guestimate Data
Determine Competition Through AlexaAccomplish 1 Task With Several Searches
Results That Don’t Include All Search EnginesNon-Stellar Search Results

What Is The Best Free Keyword Research Tool?

Let’s get straight to the point.

When doing keyword research, there are really only 3 metrics that I am concerned with:

Keyword competition?

Keyword traffic?

Does the keyword make grammatical sense?

The last metric is more or less just common sense, however, the first two metrics are what Jaaxy does a good job at capturing. I haven’t seen any other keyword research tool that can do the same thing as Jaaxy. High traffic low competition keywords that make grammatical sense are SEO ready.  If you find them, then you can literally take over the search engines through creating quality content –  blog, video, podcast, etc.

It’s incredibly awesome!

But, only if you have the correct data.

The Process of Finding Good Keywords

When building an online business through affiliate marketing the biggest concern is not enough traffic and too much competition. This is only because of the lack of the correct keyword.

With Jaaxy, you will not have that concern.

When researching keywords with Jaaxy my biggest concern has always been the lack of time to address ALL of the high traffic no competition niches that exist in today’s markets. When I sit down to brainstorm online business ideas I come up with too many keywords, too many ideas, and too many niches.

Not a bad problem to have.

When you have access to a tool like Jaaxy you have access to an unbelievable amount niches and you can uncover things that no other keyword tool can access.

For example, let’s look at a couple of niches, “green tea cups” and “womens gymnastics”. I know nothing about these markets, however, I will find keywords that have less than 300 total competition pages in Google, all over the world, keywords that get traffic, and keywords that make sense.

Niche Search #1: green tea cups

what is the best free keyword research tool - jaaxy high traffic

One quick search in Jaaxy yields 20 keywords that will rank in Google. One search, less than 10 seconds! This gives me enough keywords to start a campaign targeting green tea cups.

Let’s try it again…

Niche Search #2: womens gymnastics

what is the best free keyword research tool - jaaxy low competition

Boom! I come up with 18 keywords that will rank well within Google.

I hope you see the efficiency and power of Jaaxy. I have quickly created enough keywords to drive two different marketing campaigns in niche markets I know nothing about.

Try Jaaxy yourself Click Here

It’s Even Easier with Domains

When it comes to domains it’s even easier to drive traffic. For this reason, I have multiple domains at work . Jaaxy has created the platform for me to find high traffic domains that are still available.

With every search you do in Jaaxy, you will find the Exact Match Domains (EMD’s) that are available within your keyword research term. You will be amazed at how many EMD’s can be found through your Jaaxy research.

For example…

The .com, .org. .net domains that are prime real estate on the worldwide web are available. I could buy these domains, build a website, and Google will rank domains that have the keyword in them very high. 

what is the best free keyword research tool - jaaxy domains

Basically, I buy up first rankings in Google.

For just $10 per domain per year for 1,000’s of clicks. This is a complete no-brainer for a business model that only Jaaxy provides.  I like no-brainer business deals.

How Does Pricing Work?

Just to be clear, I am only introducing you to the tip of the iceberg of the endless capabilities that are available through Jaaxy. There are niche brainstorming functions, the ability to find where you site is ranked in Google, how to find affiliate programs that are suited for your niche, analyzing your competition websites, creating keyword lists, and many more.

There are different pricing options for Jaaxy, whether you are just starting, or you are an experienced marketer

Jaaxy Starter                    Free

Jaaxy Pro                          $49/ month

Jaaxy Enterprise              $99/ month

For more information about upgrading your Jaaxy account Click Here

If you are just starting out, I would suggest the Jaaxy Starter option. It is limited in nature, however, it will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Even if you are still starting out, but on a limited budget, you may want to checkout Jaaxy Pro. Jaaxy Pro will save you hours per day off of your research and still has most of the functions of Jaaxy Enterprise. 

Jaaxy Enterprise makes the most sense if you are serious about your marketing campaigns and want high quality access to the largest amount of relevant data.

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To your passive income lifestyle,

Justin Ash, Founder/ Member

Digital Investor

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4 thoughts on “What is the Best Free Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy Review”

  1. Jaaxy is probably my favorite.
    I a using it for about 2 months now and it has helped me a lot in my business.
    Researching keywords can be difficult but with jaxxy it is pretty simple.
    Awesome review you have put together here , I can see that you have put in a lot of work.
    Thank you for all of the useful information.

  2. I am also using Jaaxy and I am very satisfied with its service. I am still new to the affiliate marketing world and I am thankful for Jaaxy because it’s making my keyword research easier. 

    My account is Lite. Do you know if I can trace post rankings with the lite version? Or if you know a free tool where I can check my post rankings would be very highly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Thanks Julai! Jaaxy Premium provides this option but is more costly, as you are probably aware. Not sure of any free tools besides using Google to manually check. If you do find such a tool please share with me.


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