Think Like An Entrepreneur Thinks

Think Like an Entrepreneur Thinks

By late July 2020 the pandemic was in full swing leaving the majority of the world locked inside their home. U.S. unemployment had surged above 14%, the S&P 500 had cratered by nearly 30%, the virus was now resurging with a second wave, and the global economy had halted to a complete standstill. 

After waiting for nearly 3 months Josiah’s unemployment benefits had finally kicked-in. He was able to make progress on catching up on his bills, but he was still behind by a large margin. 

The bad news was that even after the federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance he was barely able to make ends meet.

The good news was that Major League Baseball was back in action. A limited number of players and teams had begun playing ball again and he would have ample time to watch games while being locked inside his apartment.

“What does it take to compete in the MLB?”, he began to ponder.

“Besides having a tremendous amount of athleticism and talent, how do professional baseball players adopt a mindset to be professional baseball players?”.

This fascinated Josiah, as it related to his most recent research about how to think like an entrepreneur thinks.  

In browsing social media one day, he found another Robert Kiyosaki quote on Instagram that read:

“Getting rich begins with the right mindset, the right words, and the right plan.” – Robert Kiyosaki.

Change Your Beliefs

In order to attain the right mindset Josiah would need to make a conscious effort to change his core beliefs. It made perfect sense because his current core beliefs had gotten him exactly where he was at that point in his life.

And, insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Quite the sobering thought.

It was very difficult to process, but he wanted something different.

Think Like an Entreprenuer Thinks - MLB

So he began reading, in fact, he subscribed to a blog and began receiving content daily.

Josiah began to learn about the limiting beliefs that he had unconsciously allowed to reign over his day-to-day actions. This negative self-talk was halting his mind, body, spirit development and was not allowing him to think and act independently.

“Why do some people brilliantly move forward and naturally succeed, while some people are paralyzed by fear and find failure?”, he reflected on this question for a minute.

He read  that 70% of the things that go through our heads on a daily basis is negative self-talk. We are influenced by major media outlets, social and economic experiences, listening to close friends and family, and many other factors. 

He was learning that to properly train his mind he would need to make a conscious effort to regulate what went into his mind.

Garbage in garbage out – As the old saying goes.

Thus, Josiah began to plug in to a podcast on Spotify to stay connected. 

He began to listen to interviews of real life people who were creating massive credit profiles, building small businesses, investing in real estate, assembling stock portfolios, generating fixed income, forging digital assets, and traveling all over the world.

The more he listened to these entrepreneurs the faster he was learning how to  think like an entrepreneur thinks.

Find the Solution

“Wow”, Josiah thought, “there was information on just about every social media outlet.” 

In one YouTube video a man was preaching that successful people are always looking for a solution and not focused on the problem. 

The man stated, “It’s like driving a car and hitting a bump in the road. If you are always looking in the rearview mirror you are focused on the problem. If you are focused on looking through the windshield, however, you are focused on the solution.  That is why the windshield in front is so big and the rearview mirror is so small.”

“This is why entrepreneurs see potential, possibilities, and success while most other people see problems, obstacles, and pitfalls…”, the man continued, “entrepreneurs make decisions on facts not on feelings. It takes as much effort to think positively than to think negatively.”

Josiah’s confidence was beginning to grow so he pushed forward to learn more.

Creatures of Habit

Over the next couple of weeks Josiah worked hard on changing his mindset. The content he was consuming was really beginning to take hold.

As he watched an MLB game one day he noticed that top performing athletes were in great physical shape. 

“Of course, they have to be”, he thought, “in order to perform at a high level a professional player must maintain his physical body at a high level.”

Think Like an Entreprenuer Thinks - Fitness

Now Josiah was no expert in fitness but he was an athlete and he did understand a few things about the physical body.

With that knowledge, he was able to research the topic online and find a PDF guidebook from a credible source on the topic:

  • Humans are creatures of habits.
  • Habits can be both healthy and unhealthy.
  • Healthy habits involve a physical fitness routine, an optimal sleep session, and a proper food diet.
  • A physical fitness routine causes soundness of mind.
  • An optimal sleep session causes a replenished physical body.
  • A proper food diet causes both soundness of mind and a replenished physical body.

The pieces of the puzzle seemed to be fitting together like clockwork, Josiah’s confidence continued to gain strength.

Why the F@#$?

Facebook (Meta) also contained a wealth of information from real live people. In fact, Josiah was able to find private groups on the platform that would discuss relevant information.

One day he found a live webcast within the private group of a man who was talking about finding a “why” through assembling a “why” statement.

It seemed very esoteric in nature, but it made perfect sense.

The man stated that the “why” statement was an entrepreneur’s true purpose in both business and personal. 

And it had to come from a very deep, meaningful place.

Finding an actual purpose in life is a very eye opening experience and it’s super important to identify the reasons behind a purpose in life. 

Josiah had never pursued this type of question, he began to feel his inner spirit leap out.

“Why do I do the things that I do? “Josiah asked himself.

“Was it simply for the money?”, he paused.

Josiah knew that those who engage in business only for the money can live very lonely, disconnected, unfulfilling lives. 

Think Like an Entreprenuer Thinks - Purpose

“Well, I do want to travel around the world”, he continued, “not to mention having time and freedom to do the things I actually enjoy.”

His brain waves began to react.

“You know after I have already created this passive income lifestyle I want so badly, it would be cool to teach others how to do the same thing.”, he smiled as he conjured this idea in his head.

These theories were groundbreaking and over the next few months Josiah was learning how to physically put them into practice. 

It was very difficult at first but grew much easier over time. Josiah was buzzing with confidence and he could feel his mind, body, and spirit coming into alignment.

“With the proper education and the willingness to take action anybody can achieve financial freedom”, he thought.

“If only I had learned about this at an earlier part of my life…”, he thought to himself. 

Josiah’s life was transforming: 

  • He was regularly reading content that was delivered to his email inbox daily.
  • He focused on listening to podcasts that kept him inspired.
  • He learned as YouTube influencers dropped gem after gem of amazing content.
  • He was connecting with real people who were creating lifestyle freedom. 
  • Most importantly, he was taking action and establishing routines into his daily activities.

The foundation was being built and it was all beginning to make sense. The time had come for Josiah to begin learning more about personal finance.

The Basics of Insider Access

The Digital Investor “why” is to inspire and equip others, so that they can create lifestyle freedom. 

It is the sole reason for our existence.

Our purpose has been revealed only through many years of dedication to financial education and taking massive amounts of action. 

The development of mind, body, and spirit is not an easy process, however, it is vital in order to learn how to think like an entrepreneur thinks.

Insider Access contains valuable content that allows you to learn and take action:

  • Financial education blogs.
  • Useful digital products.
  • Expert podcasts.
  • Highly effective financial tools.
  • In-depth videos.
  • Ground breaking resource links.
  • Private Facebook group.
  • Virtual group meetings.

If you can relate to Josiah’s story, now is the time to take immediate action to begin your journey to lifestyle freedom.

All of this amazing content is available to our members, we guarantee your success, no contracts, cancel at any time.

Continue as Josiah learns about the hard truth about money here

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2 thoughts on “Think Like An Entrepreneur Thinks”

  1. I agree with the article and its quotation of Robert Kiyosaki saying, “Getting rich begins with the right mindset, the right words, and the right plan.” 

    For any aspiring businessman and entrepreneur to succeed, especially in the long-term, not just the short-term, they should begin with setting up the proper mindset that any successful entrepreneur has. So it is inherently correct to be curious about how successful people think. We are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with. Remember the quote, “Great minds think alike,” or the Greek saying, “Show me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.” It seems to perfectly fit what the articles mean to convey in its essence. It tells the journey of any aspiring entrepreneur, especially on his journey in changing his mindset, which comprises his beliefs, and habits formed from his beliefs. I would believe that Lao Tzu said it perfectly, “Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” 

    This means that ultimately, regardless of whom we want to become, we should be wary and reflective of our mindset, especially entrepreneurs.


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