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My name is Justin and I would like to welcome you to my website mydigitalinvestor.com, I am a digital nomad entrepreneur who has traveled and lived abroad in 25+ countries all over the world. I am a firm believer in creating a passive income lifestyle. Lifestyle, in my opinion, is the true measure of happiness and wealth.


A graduate from the University of Washington, I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, I am a non-practicing CPA, and I have been building online business, acquiring real estate, and investing in the stock market from a young age. The passion, knowledge, and experience of a digital nomad entrepreneur runs deep within my soul.

Digital nomads are tech-savvy entrepreneurs who make their money in the cloud through utilizing highly effective technologies.  More generally, they conduct their life while traveling nomadically. These types of entrepreneurs can work remotely from any location in the world.


From a young age I was fortunate enough to have a supportive father that encouraged travel. I remember countless trips all over the US, Canada, and Mexico during my growing up years. My father loved to travel, and I’ve been blessed in many ways from his influence.

Throughout my trips abroad I have met the most interesting people, witnessed the most breath-taking vistas, and consumed the most delicious foods. Life is but a glimpse, and I believe that it should be lived as an adventure. The only problem is that I would need to generate enough passive income to permanently live this lifestyle.

The path to prosperity and freedom lies within the ability to think independently and create solutions that lie outside of the box.

I am a firm believer in thinking differently and challenging the status quo. The way I can challenge the status quo is through the adoption of a lifestyle dedicated to continuing financial education, practice through simulation, and real-world execution.

Thus, began the process of developing a system that allowed me to create passive income from anywhere in the world. Combined with a strong passion to educate, Digital Investor was developed.


This website was developed for the purpose of education and collaboration with like-minded digital nomad entrepreneurs, investors, travelers, or any other individuals, I do not discriminate. I will provide content on this website that will serve as a guide to those who are also seeking lifestyle freedom.

At Digital Investor we provide quality content and education so that you can create a passive income lifestyle.

An open mindset will be required.

However, when you begin to achieve success as a result of Digital Investor, your life will be changed forever.

Thank you for reading.

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To your passive income lifestyle,

Justin Ash, Founder/ Member

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