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On Friday the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the most recent Employment Situation – A huge jobs miss as the U.S. added only 235,000 jobs in August compared to the expected 735,000 jobs.

Could this be another excuse for the U.S. to continue reckless borrowing and money printing?

Who knows – But I will say this…

Inflation continues to rise as average hourly wages have increased while the Consumer Price Index has been growing exponentially at a 13-year high.

Lawmakers are now discussing both warfare and welfare spending packages to the tune of trillions of dollars and the Fed’s balance sheet has ballooned to 8.3 billion – It has doubled in 1 year.

Debt to GDP in the U.S. now stands at a dangerous 130%.

The number of pre-pandemic retail investors rounded out at 700 million – The number of retail investors today is 2.9 billion thanks to easy access apps such as Robinhood.

And, the unprecedented runup in the S&P 500 since the pandemic bottom has resulted in the lowest number of days to double dating back to 1942 – It seems as if we are hitting a new U.S. stock market all time high every week.

You don’t have to be a brain neurologist to realize that the U.S. economy is in the biggest bubble in history.

The interesting part about history is that it tends to repeat itself.

How To Start a Home Based Business Today - US Debt Clock

Historically speaking, when governments run up huge deficits through warfare and welfare spending it tends to end badly.

That’s why it makes sense to take matters into your own hands and learn how to start a home based business today with WordPress.

Create an online marketing income stream with affiliate marketing – The process is not that difficult.

The Foundation of WordPress

I’ve talked before about choosing a platform to host your website domain name – this is the beginning.

There are many platforms where you can purchase your domain name, subscribe to hosting, and work on the backend of your site with WordPress – With a few clicks you can easily install WordPress onto your site. 

After you install WordPress you will want to choose a generalized theme that is easy to work with – For this purpose I suggest using “Generate Press” because it will give you the broadest exposure to the most basic theme qualities.

Personally, I like to work with a clean slate – Therefore, after I install the “Generate Press” theme I will make sure it is properly updated and delete all of the generic posts, media, pages, and comments that are included with the install.

Go back to your dashboard and click on the “Screen Options” tab at top right of your screen – I suggest you unclick all of the boxes except for “At a Glance” and “Activity” because the remaining boxes can cause too much of a distraction.

I would suggest taking a walk down the toolbar on the left to become familiar with all of the different ways to alter your website – Including filling out the information that is required.

Congratulations – If you have made it this far you have laid a solid foundation for your website and you should be able to view it live on the internet.

Construct the Site Floor Plan

Now that you have a live website your next step is to begin adding pages, menus, and widgets.

Most basic websites have a homepage, blog, about me, contact, privacy policy, and affiliate disclosure – As required by the Federal Trade Commission for any affiliate marketing website if you intend on being compensated for your affiliate marketing services. 

You can easily add these pages by navigating the toolbar on the left and click “Pages” – “Add New” to begin adding all of these pages.

Your blog page should already be set up. This is where all of your posts will land when you publish them – You should click on the “Settings” – “Reading” tab in the left toolbar to match your homepage and posts page.

How To Start a Home Based Business Today - WordPress

Next choose “Appearance” – “Menus” where you will add a main menu that will be displayed across the top of your website – Here you can include main pages, blogs, about me, contact, etc.

When you get traffic to your website you want them to view this information first.

If you create a footer menu you can have privacy policy and affiliate disclosure legal jargon placed at the bottom of your page so as not to cause too much noise on the prime real estate of your site.

You can also play around with “Appearance” – “Widget” to have top, bottom, right, or left sidebars that contain certain types of information – This is also where you can tell WordPress to put your footer menu in the footer bar.

At this stage of developing your website you have constructed a basic floor plan that serves to help your users easily navigate the different pages of your site.

Specialty Plugins

I like to view plugins in WordPress as specialty items that either create or enhance our basic website – There are many different types of plugins that serve a multitude of purposes.

Navigate to the left toolbar and click “Plugins” – “Add New”.

I highly recommend All-In-One SEO to serve all of your SEO strategy needs. With AISEO you will receive a feedback score as to the SEO strength of your page or post – Which goes a long way in terms of Google ranking.

Classic Editor will enable the classic editor option within WordPress to easily edit your pages and posts.

Kraken Image Optimizer allows you to optimize your WordPress images.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights will automatically link your website to Google Analytics to measure how visitors engage your website.

AddToAny Share buttons allows your posts to easily be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and many more.

Social Media & Share Icons allows you to add social media icons to your website with many customization features.

As you can see the list can go on and on, but these are definitely a few important specialty plugins you will want to employ within your site.

Maintaining Your Website

In order to maintain solid rankings within Google you will need to remain active with SEO strategy, content creation, and engagement with others.

The purpose of SEO strategy is to get your website ranked to the top of the first page of Google for a particular topic.

There are many different factors that are involved in the Google algorithms that determine your rank – The most important factor for organic ranking is high-traffic keywords.

The best way to find high traffic and low competition keywords is with Jaxxy.

How To Start a Home Based Business Today - Google

To learn more about Jaaxy Click Here

When you create your content via blogs, videos, podcasts, ads, etc. you will sprinkle these keywords into the mix – Remember, help people first, sell second.

When legitimate followers respond to your content with a comment it’s always a good idea to respond back and thank them for their comments.

Creating an email list can become a huge asset to your website. I like to set up input screens allowing visitors to subscribe for free. There are many items you can offer in exchange for an email – a report, white paper, masterclass, live presentation, webinar, VIP access, step-by-step, member area, etc..

This list will allow you to continue to provide valuable resources to your followers – That’s exactly why they signed up in the first place!

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube can be highly effective – You can easily create content tailored to these specific platforms, or just automate the content to post when you create it.

If you put forth the effort of remaining active you can create a powerful website.

Measuring Your Traffic

Now that you have a kickass website and are beginning to attract visitors, you will want to keep tabs on that information.

Connecting your website to Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Bing Webmaster will archive this extremely useful information.

This information will allow you to drill into the demographics of your visitors, the pages and posts most visited, the amount of time spent on each page, the number of click throughs on certain links, etc. – The amount of information you can derive is potentially endless.

If you think becoming an entrepreneur is difficult – I can assure you it’s not.  In fact, I will tell you that you can become anything you want if you have the right mindset. 

Run towards your dream with a passion, commit to learning, trust the process, and work your ass off – The universe will respond in kind.

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To your passive income lifestyle,

Justin Ash, Founder/ Member

Digital Investor

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  1. Hi Sayulita! These statistical facts about the US is really worrying! Thanks for sharing these useful tips on how to set up nicely a Website via Word press! I have gone through each and everyone of these steps for my website. Yes it is good to set up a good website,but it is important to select a good niche, and set up Google analytis.

  2. Businesses are the future of the world and money making. Is this site about building business? Inflation is definitely gonna make this country a harder place to live in, if the U.S keeps printing money and their debt goes up it’s over for this country. This is your chance now to start building a business because in the future it’ll be all too late.


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