How to Create a Passive Income Lifestyle

Passive Income Lifestyle

We are living during unprecedented times.

On the political front of global finance and economics radical measures are being taken daily. Central banks are injecting massive amounts of liquidity into the system. Balance sheets are ballooning out of control. Deficit spending is at an all-time high. Political turmoil continues to create confusion, and social unrest is unraveling at lightning speed.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic has caused worldwide business shutdown. Employees are being fired, laid-off, and furloughed by the millions, while unemployment claims continue to grow exponentially by the week. Pensions and retirement accounts are woefully underfunded. Corporations and consumers have over-leveraged themselves because of low interest rate policies over the last decade. And, the sentiment of the consumerism ideology has waged a wildfire of unhappiness and discontent upon the psyche of the human race.

On the surface, it may not look bad, however, the world is changing dramatically right before our eyes. I would argue that the future looks all but bleak for those without the proper education, skill set, and geographical location.

American culture, led by politicians, corporations, and media, has programmed our brains to develop a certain status quo of societal norms. Although this life course may appeal to the masses for many purposes, I do not believe our God-given human experience was designed for this purpose.

This purpose has led me on a life-long journey to re-direct my truth, re-evaluate my core beliefs, and re-design my lifestyle that better suits the lifestyle freedom I choose to live.

I have re-programmed my brain to create a passive income lifestyle.

Human beings are all given the power of choice and the same amount of time. When we combine the power of choice and time, we can choose to walk a different path with amazing results.


Imagine a lifestyle filled with freedom, content, and travel.

Lifestyle, in my opinion, is the true measure of wealth and happiness.

At Digital Investor we provide quality content and education so that you can create a passive income lifestyle by focusing on 5 key areas.






An open mindset will be required.

And, when you begin to achieve success as a result of the Digital Investor ethos your life will be changed forever.

However, before you can achieve success towards a purposeful life, it’s important to have a “why” statement. I can tell you from experience if you interested only in the money, you are living an empty life.

Your “why” statement should come from a deeper place of purpose.

Take action and create your “why” statement. ”I will _________, so that I can _________.”

Example: I will create passive income, so that I can have lifestyle freedom.


Focus your time and energy on the right type of education.

passive income lifestyle

There are two different types of education in the world. Academic education and financial education. It is important to understand the difference between the two types of education if you want to build a passive income lifestyle.

Academic education is what we learn in public schools, colleges, universities, etc. The curriculum designed around this type of education is highly theoretical in nature. This education molds us to go to school, get good grades, find a good job, have good credit, buy a good car, get financial advice, acquire a personal residence, etc. Essentially, we get stuck in the never-ending cycle of debt and work.

Financial education is taught outside the walls of academic education. This type of education is focused on building business, acquiring real estate, and investing in the stock market. This is the education that teaches us real-world skill sets that can be applied to achieve lifestyle freedom.

The Digital Investor way is to provide financial education that focuses on these key topics of building an online business, acquiring real estate, investing in the stock market, speculating with cryptocurrency, and many other topics.

Take action and read Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! the #1 personal finance book of all time.


Understand and take control of your finances.

Basic knowledge of your finances include setting up a charitable contribution plan, debt freedom, creating a savings, diversifying your savings, hedging risk with insurance, maintaining health with healthcare, investing for retirement, legacy planning, tax strategy, building personal/ corporate credit, forming strategic partnerships, structuring creative financing, and many more.

These are important aspects that must be mastered to give us security behind our freedom.

Learn to translate the numbers by creating a budget where we can track and compare. This will serve as a key piece to pulling everything together and tracking our results.

Take action and create a charitable giving plan, it doesn’t need to be alot in the beginning, just get into the habit of giving.


Practice through real-world simulation.

According to the Cone of Learning, by Edgar Dale, we tend to remember 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we see and hear, 70% of what we say, and 90% of what we say and do.

Do you understand how to launch and operate a profitable online business? Can you create cash flow with real estate? Do you know the best time to enter and exit a position in the stock market?

We develop a skill set more thoroughly and candidly by simulating the real experience.

Take action and play CASHFLOW Classic the free online investing game that makes learning to invest fun.


There are three different kinds of income: earned, investment, and passive.

Passive income is the best type of income. After the income stream is developed it requires a low amount of maintenance and time. In addition, passive income is taxed at the lowest income tax rates.

Generate multiple income streams, especially passive income.

Income comes from three basic sources: business, real estate, and the stock market.

These sources can be used to generate income from any location in the world, especially passive income.

They are time-tested proven wealth building treasures-troves, and there are countless strategies we can employ in these areas to be profitable despite the direction of the market.

Take action and learn more about building an affiliate marketing business.


Travel to any location in the world.

Travel is the best education. Meet interesting people of different cultures, witness breath-taking vistas in foreign lands, consume delicious foods of different recipe, and experience lifestyle from abroad.

Find global locations based on safety, affordability, lifestyle preference, ease of doing business, etc.

Learn to speak a foreign language.

Explore different visa, residency, and passport options.

The world is big, and you have many options.

Take action apply for your U.S. passport as soon as possible.

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To your passive income lifestyle.

Justin Ash, Founder/ Member

Digital Investor

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  1. As you lament many of us are facing extraordinary times which are adversely affecting our earning capability. This pressure has caused the inability to pay normal bills and to continue to contribute consistently to insurance and annuity plans. So your advice on earning passive income is well received. My Why is to build a better retirement plan for myself and family and to allow myself more travel opportunities. Thank you for this post.


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